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Breathing, floating and meditating in water

Relaqua® is a relaxation concept originating in freediving. Freediving relies on the diver being able to relax for long enough to hold his or her breath until resurfacing. The diver uses different techniques such as meditation, the diving reflex, yoga and most of all pranayama – the breathing exercised in yoga. The Relaqua® program focuses on breathing consciously, as breathing helps us to relax within a short period time, increases our ability to concentrate, purifies our lungs and more.

Water is the elementary component. Floating exercises with breathing pauses are combined with meditation in water, helping to easily achieve deep relaxation. The body is weightless and primary senses such as seeing and hearing are turned off or suppressed. This environment of stillness and concentration combined with the effects of the diving reflex makes meditation especially simple.

Next course:

November 13, 2020

Registration and information

Registration: +49 (0) 172 7524028

Further information about Nik Linder and the concept can be found at:

Content of Workshop

Part 1
Nik introduces himself and discusses his personal records and experience with breathing.

Part 2
Pranayama, deep relaxation with breathing exercises starting on land and continuing in the water, progressive muscle relaxation, body scan.

Teil 3
Floating, Pranayama exercises, partner coaching, meditation and deep relaxation while holding breath in water.

General Information

November 13, 2020

€89 incl. VAT

Conditions of participation
Anyone who is interested in breathing and relaxation exercises may participate. This is not a workout program and no stop watches are needed for Relaqua. Participants should be in good physical condition. An affinity to water isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t hurt. Relaqua is suitable for all age groups.

Required Equipment
5 mm thick diving suit and mask (can be rented), bathing attire, towel.

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