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Agency Responsible for Content:

KEIDEL Mineral-Thermalbad Freiburg
Freiburger Kommunalbauten GmbH Baugesellschaft & Co. KG (FKB)
Am Karlsplatz 2
79098 Freiburg i.Br., Germany
Tel: +49 (0) 761 2105-0
AG Freiburg HRA 2586

Personally Liable Partner:

Freiburger Kommunalbauten GmbH AG
Freiburg HRB 731

General Management:

Ralf Klausmann, Dr. Magdalena Szablewska
St.-Nr. 06387 / 11006

Concept, Design & Implementation:

Münchrath / Ideen+Medien

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Information on Data Protection

The Freiburg Stadtbau Verbund (FSB) operates its website for the purpose of presenting its products and services in the areas of construction, living, renovation and modernization of Keidel and other city pools and self-owned and municipal parking garages.

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