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Health and Wellness

Lie back, relax and unwind.

Regain strength for your daily life and enjoy a revitalizing kick for your body and soul. From quality wellness treatments to therapeutic medical treatments, we offer you exactly what you need.

Aqua Relax

Exclusively at the Keidel thermal baths – Freiburg’s buoyancy therapy using the Halliwick method.

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Freiburg’s buoyancy therapy

Freiburg’s buoyancy therapy (Aqua Relax) follows the Halliwick method developed by James McMillan to treat musculoskeletal problems, back pain and neurological diseases.

Your Health in the Best Hands

The services offered at the Keidel thermal baths rejuvenate body and soul – from relaxing aromatic oil massages to revitalizing soap brush massages. Treat yourself to a nice massage followed by a dip in the warm thermal water.

We’ve established a reputation for ourselves in Freiburg and beyond. Our water therapies, conventional massages, physiotherapy and mud treatments with Freiburg’s volcanic mud complement the massages offered, and the effects are even more pronounced when combined with a bath in our warm thermal water. We are continuously optimizing our thermal water health services for you. In order to get the most out of your time with us, we ask that you make appointments ahead of time and arrive punctually.

Wellness Services

Aqua Relax
25 minutes: €36
50 minutes: €72

Soap brush massage
20 minutes: €36

Relaxation massage
25 minutes: €36
50 minutes: €72

Hot stone massage
50 minutes: €72

Foot reflex massage
45 minutes: €72

30 minutes: €3

Information and registration

You can find information about our wellness offers at our reception desk, via e-mail at or by telephone at +49 (0) 761 2105-850.

Therapies and treatments are only available if prescribed by a doctor.



Stories and Tips

The Secret of Hot Stone Massages

Hot stone massages can be traced back over thousands of years, originating in Nepal, Tibet and western China. The stones are said to exhibit unseen healing powers.

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