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Thermal Baths

Sink in and relax.

Find your personal escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy the natural beauty of the surrounding Mooswald forest. Immerse yourself in the thermal water and let your spirit float amongst the trees and other natural flora. You will be amazed what a few hours in Freiburg’s thermal spring can do. The Keidel thermal baths have been filled with water from their own thermal springs for over 40 years. Marvel at the healing effects of mineral-rich thermal water in our 34°C (93°F) heated adventure pool with massage jets, in our outdoor area, in the swimming pool or in the 38°C (100°F) hot spring.

True revitalization.

The University Freiburg has issued an expert balneological report substantiating the effectiveness of our thermal waters.

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Thermal healing with lasting effects

The mineral-rich thermal water from our own healing spring has therapeutic and curative effects for the entire body. It invigorates the body and strengthens the immune system, alleviating discomfort caused by rheumatic diseases, degenerative spinal disorders, cardiovascular diseases and circulatory disorders.

Relax, naturally.

Leave everything behind you for a few hours and enjoy the bliss of bathing in the soothing water of our natural springs. The bathing complex is the heart of our facility and offers roomy, sun-bathed indoor areas as well as an expansive outside space. Our rainforest shower, floor bubblers and massaging back and neck jets ensure the greatest level of comfort.

Indoor Area

Thermal spring pool
approx. 38–40°C (100–104°F)

Pearl pool
approx. 30–32°C (86–90°F)

Warm pool
approx. 33–35°C (91–95°F)

Treatment pool
approx. 32–34°C (90–93°F)

Fitness pool
approx. 32–34°C (90–93°F)

Indoor pool
approx. 33–35°C (91–95°F)

– Lounge chairs and relaxation rooms looking out into nature
– Rainforest showers
– Access to wellness and therapy area
– Access to fitness area

Outdoor Area

Adventure pool
approx. 34–38°C (93–100°F) with
massage jets and air bubblers 

Current pool

Outdoor pool
approx. 33–36°C (91–97°F)

25-meter swimming pool
approx. 29–34°C (84–93°F)

– Rainforest shower
– Expansive lawn
– Children’s playground
– Badminton court
– Boule court
– Access to restaurant and terrace

Information and Tips

On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the therapy pool is a designated relaxation area and is restricted for people under the age of 16 years.

The water temperature can vary slightly on account of natural weather conditions.


Stories and Tips

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