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Aqua Relax

Freiburg’s buoyancy therapy

James MacMillian developed this special form of water therapy at the Halliwick School in London, England in 1950. This form of therapy does not incorporate any floatation devices (except for stabilization if necessary). This method is excellently suited to individuals with severe or multiple disabilities to support core stability as well as for fall prevention for the elderly and for targeted exercise therapy. Halliwick is an active form of therapy that trains individual muscle groups and increases stamina. Regular aquatic therapy has been proven to improve balance and stability.

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Courses are scheduled on an individual basis.


Aqua Relax is a special form of guided aquatic body relaxation for people all ages and body types. No previous experience is necessary. Participants float on the surface of the water, largely relieved of their own body weight, allowing them to devote their full attention to the exercise.


The Aqua Relax method consists of three phases:

Phase 1 – Building Confidence
The first phase focuses on building confidence in oneself and overcoming anxiety about moving around in the water. Controlled breathing teaches participants to respond to the natural currents of the water.

Phase 2 – Improving Balance Control
Participants hold various body postures and positions for core training and maintenance. Exercises like turning and rotating in the water stabilize the musculoskeletal system.

Phase 3 – Ganing Bodily Control
The last phase concentrates on independent movement in the water. Participants will learn to manage any situation in the water without any aids, only relying on the water’s buoyancy.

General Information

Course times
Courses are scheduled on an individual basis.

25 minutes: €30 incl. VAT
50 minutes: €60 incl. VAT

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