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Sauna Etiquette

Important requirements for well being

1. Use the proper towels and cushions in the sauna.

We ask that you sit or lie on a body-sized towel in all sauna rooms to prevent perspiration from dripping onto the wooded benches. For hygienic purposes, we ask that you use the seating cushions provided in the ceramic steam and warm air rooms.

2. Our Sauna area is a clothing-free area.

Why do you have to be fully undressed in the sauna? There are two reasons: tradition and health. Firstly, it has been a sauna tradition for centuries to be fully undressed and secondly, enjoying the sauna nude has health benefits. Nudity is only required in the sauna rooms themselves. You are welcome to wear a towel or bathrobe in the rest of the sauna area.

Synthetic bathing suits may let off steam from the heat. This process can have negative effects on your health as well as that other sauna visitors. Sweat also tends to collect in bathing suits such that it doesn’t evaporate cool the body as intended, which counteracts the desired effects of a sauna.

3. Please shower first.

For hygienic reasons, we ask that you shower thoroughly before using the sauna, plunge and swimming pools.

4. Cell phones, tablets and other electronic devices are prohibited.

Out of respect for the privacy of our guests, the use of sound, picture and video recording devices is prohibited. You are welcome to borrow something to read from our information desk, where we offer select assortment of reading materials.

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