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Sauna for Beginners

What you need to know before visiting the sauna

Saunas offer a special form of temperature control therapy which provides many health benefits including metabolic stimulation and stabilization of the cardiovascular system. We have compiled a few useful tips for you to make the most of your sauna experience.

What you need

– Large sauna towel
– Steam bath seating cushion
– Extra towels
– Bathrobe and flip-flops

Important Rules

Shower thoroughly prior to entering the sauna.

Sit fully undressed on a large sauna towel.

Only stay as long as you feel comfortable in the heat, but for a maximum of 12 minutes.

Remain still in the sauna.

Each heat session must be followed by a longer period of cooling.

Number of Sauna Cycles

We recommend 3 cycles consisting of 3 heat sessions and 3 cooldown phases. Anything more will not benefit your health and may negatively impact bodily functions. The health-promoting effects described can only be achieved if the heating and cooling phases are completed in the correct order.

Sauna Procedure

Heat session

It is better to sit in a hotter part of the sauna for a shorter period of time (middle or upper bench) than to remain in a cooler region for longer (lower bench). If you choose to lie down in the sauna, sit up for the final two minutes and move your feet to get your circulation moving.

Cooldown phase

Spending two minutes out in the fresh air improves oxygen balance and stabilizes circulation. Rinse off and cool down using cold water from the hose starting with your legs, or take a quick shower. Never enter the plunge pool directly after a sauna. Guests with high blood pressure should abstain completely and use different cool water therapies. Ankle-deep, lukewarm footbaths help the body release any stored heat.

Relaxation period

Treat yourself to about 15 minutes of recuperation and drink a sufficient amount of water or diluted fruit juice to rehydrate.


Every thirty minutes on the half and full hour, two of our saunas undergo a 6- to 8-minute infusion. The body can better absorb warmth through increased humidity and air circulation, increasing the effects of the sauna.


Children under 4 years of age are not allowed in the sauna area. Persons 16 to 18 years of age must be accompanied an adult. You can find the daily infusion times on the signs in the sauna area or by asking an employee.

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Sauna for Beginners

We have compiled a few useful tips for you to make the most of your sauna experience.

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