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The Secret of Hot Stone Massages

A thousand years of tradition and counting.

Hot stone massages can be traced back over thousands of years, originating in Nepal, Tibet and western China. The stones are said to exhibit unseen healing powers.

Hot stone massages involve placing 60°C (140°F) basalt stones on the body’s energy points. Hot stones are also moved and massaged along the energy pathways. The heat of the rocks penetrates the lower layers of the skin, broadening the blood vessels and enhancing circulation. Improved blood circulation means more oxygen can be delivered throughout the body, stimulating lymph functionality and in turn eliminating and metabolizing toxins.

Hot stone massages can relieve aches and pains in the joints, back and muscles as well as stress-induced tension headaches. Manual massaging helps stimulate functionality while simultaneously having an overall relaxing effect. Regular treatments induce a greater sense of well-being in the long term.

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