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7 good reasons to do aquatic exercise

Why aqua sport is healthy and fun.

1. The water’s buoyancy relieves impact on tendons, joints and the spinal column. That is why aquatic exercises are especially good for overweight persons and individuals with joint problems.

2. Exercising in water – in particular mineral-thermal water – has beneficial effects for the body. An expert balneological report published by the University of Freiburg has proven that the warmth of the water not only has relaxing effects, it also aids circulation. The minerals contained in the water can lower blood pressure, improve skin diseases and strengthen the immune system.

3. Despite movement in the water, the blissful warmth relaxes muscles, particularly those in the abdomen and back.

4. The heart and circulatory system are also strengthened in addition to increased stamina.

5. Improved circulation from the thermal water can also firm up connective tissue.

6. Aquatic exercise is a healthy and gentle way to get fit and stay in shape.

7. Three’s company. Our aquatic exercise programs take place in small groups. As we like to say, “the more the merrier!”

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